I am Nellie C. Cayabyab, 32 years of age and still single. A sincere, honest and reliable person with experience in taking care of babies at the age of 17. I came from a well-known family, my father was a government servant who was retired a couple of years ago and my mother is a plain housewife.

My father could not afford to send me to college, but my auntiemy father's sister paid for my college tuition. I lived with her and in return for her kindness I took care of her 4 children from the time they were born.

I gave up my studies after three years in college because my auntie had financial problems and she could not support me. So I went to work in Manila. I went to work for my father's cousin. My father's cousin had a poultry supply shop and I help in anyway I can. I am the cashier and sometimes I help to delivery the goods and I also help her to check the inventory level and let her know what is almost finished so that she can order some more. I worked for her for two years in Manila.

Around this time I learn about Singapore, so I applied for a job in Singapore. After two years in Manila I was given a job in Singapore. I started working in Singapore in 1991. My first employer had two children. The children were 6 and 8 years old. They are both boys. Having a boy in the family is very active. We share having fun, cycling togeter and playing as far as ball is concerned. After almost two years working with them, I went to work for their friend, my second employer.

My second employer is also a Singapore but she is married to a Japanese. They had children and both are girls. They were 14 and 15 years old. Two years later my employer had a third child. I took care of her too until now. She is 6 years old now. I gave her all my love and care and the best of my ability to comfort her.

After working for the family for 8 years I learn so many things, I can cook Japanese food. I can prepared Japanese food like sushi, katsudon, tonkatsu, miso soup, curry and a lot more. Most of the time they like to eat Japanese food. They are saying that I can open a Japanese restaurant when I go home. But I prefer to go and work in Canada.

After working for this family for 8 years, two years for my first Singaporean family and many years taking care of my auntie's children I am confident that I can do a good job in Canada.

I hope you will employ me. I promise to work hard for you and to take good care of your children. I will cook for you and if you will teach me, I will learn to cook Canadian food. I can even drive a car but I do not have a driver's licence. I learn to drive when I was working in Manila but never take the test.

Nellie Cayabyab