Dear Prospective Employer,

Please allow me to take this opportunity to make you a little familiar with myself. I am Robelinda Vasquez Gimado, an honest, sincere and reliable person, who just simply love children. I came from a big family of ten and my father's income was to support all of us, so I went to stay with my uncle who is an elder brother of my father, when I was in second grade until I finished my college. My uncle working in a government office and my aunt as a teacher, had enough salary to support me until I finished my education. In return for their kindness, I helped them with the household works and once in a while in their grocery store. But as a person, I want also to achieve something for myself and decided to come to Canada in order to have at least a chance in life. Presently, I am working in a family here in Singapore for over four years.

As for the job I am applying for, you certainly have nothing to worry about, if you will employ me. I have a wide experience when it comes to children. An aunt for so many nephews and nieces, my working experience here in Singapore, plus my training as a grade school teacher had given me enough experience to handle the job. I'm perfectly capable to assist your children in their lessons including arts which my present employer said I'm good at. Actually, in general, teacher are considered as a manager, guidance counselor, a friend or a big sister and sometimes a mother to their students. In other words, we are trained in all aspects of teaching profession in order to make our teaching process more effective and meaningful.

I hope through this short letter you can have an insight of what I can do or an idea whether I'm capable for the job or not.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours

Robelinda V. Gimado

Robelinda Gimado