March 19, 2001

To Whom it May Concern:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am pleased to confirm that Ms Emma Madriaga was employed as my housekeeper in Singapore for a total of 10½ years. She was in my household from December 1989 to June 1997, and from March 1998 up till now. Her current term is expected to end in early 2002.

During her tenure, we have found Emma to be a responsible person, capable of handling the varied tasks assigned to her. As I was a working parent, Emma also helped me to look after my son since he was an infant. She has taken good care of him over the years, especially in times of his illnesses. With the nursing aid training she undertook in 1996, she is equipped to be a care provider and can well attend to minor injuries at home.

Most importantly, Emma enjoys cooking and takes pride in preparing her meals, whether for the family or entertaining guests. She is well versed in planning the meals and can prepare a good variety of Chinese, Italian and South-east Asian fares. She is also keen and quick to learn new recipes.

As a person, Emma is intelligent, independent and hardworking. I have usually left her to prioritize her duties. Overall, we have been happy with her 10½-year tenure with us and would have no hesitation in recommending her to her prospective employer.


Kuah Hwee Choo Email