We, Victor and Jolli de Jong, are the current employers of Imelda Javar Mejia. She has been with us since February 1998 and it is with regret that we have to end her employment with us as we will be leaving Singapore mid-1999.

Imelda came highly recommended to us by friends and has completely lived up to our expectations. For the past year she has taken care of our household in a very independent and reliable manner, making our stay in Singapore very comfortable and problemless.

She takes a real interest in keeping our house clean and neat and ensures the laundry basket is always empty. She is a very good cook as well and has surprised us many times with delicious dishes from various origins. Imelda can be trusted with doing the grocery shoppings herself and will ensure we don't run out of stock for the necessary household items.

Imelda is a cheerful, trustworthy and well-mannered discrete person. It is also without any doubt that she is very child friendly. As we are both working she has to take care of our little boy of 3 years old for a number of days a week. They became very attached to each other and we never had any worry to leave our little boy behind with Imelda. Her English is also very good and we are proud to say that Timothy now can sepak both Dutch and English quite well, which is partly thanks to her.

We have always considered ourselves lucky having Imelda around. Unfortunately we can't take Imelda with us but hope she will find another family to work with. We are sure they will enjoy her skills and personality as much as we have done over the past year and therefore can highly recomend her.

Signed by: Imelda Mejia