22 Apr 2001

To whom it may concern

May Ramirez

May has been working with me since June 1998. She is adaptable to changes.

She possesses positive work attitude and is well versed in her work. She is a keen and fast learner as well as a fast and diligent worker. She readily accepts any duties assigned to her.

She has initiative to work independently. With her nursing knowledge and experience, she was able to take care of my father who was in his eighties suffering from pneumonia.

Her pleasant disposition enables her to get along well with all of us. Though May is a domestic worker, her capability is definitely way above that. She is a very caring person. Our relationship is more than merely "employer and employee". We treat and love each other as a family.

I am pleased to have such a committed, conscientious worker and caring employee. Her contributions to my family are commendable.

Please call me at telephone number ..41084 if you need further information.

Yours faithfully

Tan Kim Liang (Ms)