Dear Employer

I am Willa Ravina, a Filipino, 36 years old and single. I'm the third child among the six children in my family. My parents are poor, but I manage to get a college education by working for Ms Eleanor Gines. Ms Gines was my employer but I stayed with her parents in my hometown to help her aged parents. I did not get a salary, but my employer paid for my education from high school until I graduated from college. Ms Gines's parent were old and I finally left them when they both passed away. The father passed away first after I graduated from high school. Then I continue staying with my employer's mother until she passed away. By that time I graduated. That was May 1991. But I was not able to get a job as a teacher.

Jobs are hard to find in the Philippines. And in the province it is even more difficult. Since so many of my friends came to Singapore I decide to follow them. I went to Manila to apply for a position in Singapore. While I was in Manila I got a part-time job while waiting. Within 4 months I was in Singapore.

So in June 1993 I began working for my employer Mrs Foo. She had one child, a boy, who was 10 years old. Both parents in the family were working, so during the day I was the one to take care of boy. I also cook for the family; keep the house nice and clean; washing and ironed their clothes. Now the boy is already 18 years old.

I was never a teacher. I was only trained to be a teacher. I think that what I learn in college will be useful to me as a child minder. When I first came to work in Singapore my employer's son was 10 years old. I attended to his needs and sometimes I would help in his homework.

If your children are younger, I will organise for them learning activities such as colouring, drawing, counting, etc. Of course, I would also do the housekeeping, laundry and cooking and I will keep your house neat and tidy. And most of all, I will take loving care of your children.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Willa Ravina