I am Juanita Exmuindo Salvacion from Iloilo CIty, western part of the Philippines, 18 hrs travel from Manila by ship. I'm a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts major in English. Were eight children in our family 5 girls and 3 boys, and I'm the 6th. My father is a carpenter and my mother is a plain housewife.

Since I cam from a big family & my father's job is a carpenter he could not afford to pay for my education. For this I depended on my elder sister who is a college professor. I'm graduated from Western Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I've studied English & American literature, World literature and English grammar and composition.

I came to Singapore in 1991. My first employer is a Singaporean with one son aged 2½. Since both parents are working its my responsbility to look after their son, and do the household chores. I worked for them for 2½ years and then left because I was offered a higher salary by an expert employer.

This expat is an American with one child aged 14 & one dog. I have an experience in workin in local but working with the expatriates is quite different especially in cooking. Since they are my first expat employer I worked for, I tried my best I could to meet their expectations. They just gave me a recipe book for cooking and baking and fortunately the outcome is good. I tried to cook for them Asian dishes but they still prefer their food. I worked for them for a year because they went back for good in American.

The second Anerican couple I worked for has 3 children aged 5, 7 and 9. For this I'm quite assured of my work because of my experience with my first expat employer. They rely everything to me, because according to them I know what I'm doing. I worked for them for only six months because there's a sudden recall from the company of my employer, that they must go back urgently.

The 3rd American couple I worked for has 2 children ages 5, 8. This is a different American employer I worked for because she's strict, perfectionist & impatient. In short I must totally be patient towards her. I've learned a lot from her espcially in cooking and baking.

The next employer I had is an Australian couple who had one daughter aged 2. Working for them is so easy because they just want me to cook simple dish. Do babysitting if the wife is not around and of course do the household chores. Actually they want to take me to London, where they transfer there, but unfortunately my papers has not been granted.

The next employer I had is a British couple who had one daughter aged 3 and 2 dogs. The husband is totally strict when it comes to cleanliness. He wants everything to in order. So I've tried my best to meet their fullest expectations. Sometimes I'll do the babysitting day and night, if they are not around. Do the household chores and take care of their two dogs.

My present employer is a Swedish couple with two sones aged 9 and 11. I'm working for them for a year and I can concldeded that we have a good working relationship. From her, I've learned Swedish cooking & baking. Do babysitting with two boys if they are not around and of course household chores.

I've gone through a lot of different race of employers and eah has different regulations is not easy for me to adjust. But I count it as a blessing, because I've learned a lot from each of them. But I enjoyed working for both local and expats. The salary offered by the expats is higher but the great disadvantage is less job security. You can never be sure when they are going to be transferred. I am lucky this time that my employer know when they are going home so I have time to play.

I can cook, bake and do the household chores. I can look after the children from aged 2 up to 10 years old. Even though I have no working experience I can handle it, because back in the Philippines I used to look after my newborn nieces, the daughter of my elder sister. I can managed to look after 3 children.

I'm diligent and trustworthy person and you don't need to worry if you leave your kids in my care. I can do my responsibilities at the utmost of your expectations. If you employ me, I will take loving care of your children and I will work for you for at least two years.

Juanita Salvacion