Douglas & Beverly Hornell-Scott
70 Watten View
Singapore 287203

To Whom It May Concern

Ms. Juanita Exmundo Salvacion has been in my family's employment since 1st July 1999. She is thirty-seven years old and single.

Juanita's responsibilities are to ensure the following:

  • The house is kept clean and tidy;
  • Washing and ironing;
  • Cooking and baking;
  • Take care of our two spaniel dogs - this includes grooming them on a weekly basis and regular, daily walks; and
  • Babysit our three year old daughter.

Juanita is a diligent and very trustworthy person. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and tries to ensure that our expectations are fulfilled. Her day to day workload is very heavy but she has never complained or requested a review of her responsibilities. She is a very organized individual and sets herself a daily routine to ensure that the various jobs for the day are carried out. She keeps a very clean house and her washing and ironing are more than satisfactory. In the kitchen, she can cook basic asian and western style food and is capable of following a recipe when newer or more enterprising dishes are required.

One of the criteria for hiring Juanita was her ability to look after and care for two dogs. Both dogs came with us from Hong Kong and are an integral part of the family. It was absolutely imperative that any domestic helper recruited by us felt comfortable dealing with them and looking after them during various leaves of absence. Juanita immediately took to the dogs and they to her. She walks them regularly during the day and always ensures that they have enough water. She grooms them once a week.

Although my wife assumes the primary role of bringing up and looking after our daughter, Juanita is occasionally required to babysit her during the day and in the evenings. She is very fond of our daughter - Natasha and will happily sit down and read to her or play. She is firm when required and will not allow a three year old to try and impose her will over her. She can be relied on completely to administer the correct dosages of medications. In instances when my wife and I have been late returning home, Juanita has had the initiative to bath, feed and prepare our daughter for bed.

Juanita is a very placid person with a pleasant personality. She keeps very much to herself and always takes pride in her appearance.

Yours faithfully,

Sgd: xxxx D.I. Hornell-scott