To Whom It May Concern

Ms Juanita Exmundo Salvacion has been working in our family since June 1st, 2000. She is thirty-eight years old and single.

Juanita's main responsibilities are following.

  • The apartment is kept clean and tidy
  • All washing and ironing
  • All cooking and baking
  • Grocery shopping from time to time
  • "Baby-sit" our two boys (11 and 9 years old) from time to time
  • Pick-up the boys from different activities

Juanita is a very trustworthy person. She fulfils her duties very well and does everything she can to ensure our expectations are met. Juanita has a very good order around herself and everything is kept very tidy. She is a very low spoken and friendly person and she has a good hand with our two boys.

Juanita is a quick learner and has shown interest in learning, especially in cooking. She reads and follows new recipes with good results.

Juanita shows high respect for family privacy and keeps very much to herself. We would like to give Juanita the very best recommendations.

Yours faithfully

Susanne & Kim Lindell