..Ms Flora Abig Soriano, a citizen of the Philippines, has been working for me since May 1993. Her duties are childcare, laundry and ironing, cooking and cleaning. She has been take care of our only child, a boy now 9 years old. Our son was two-plus when Flora first came to work for us and Flora has been very devoted to him.

When my son was very young, Flora used to be like a mother to my son as I have always been working. I work 5 and a half days a week and depend on Flora while I am at work. I am happy to say that she has not disappointed me.

Besides taking care of my son, Flora also does the rest of the housework. I am very pleased with Flora over the past six years. But Flora cannot work for me indefinitely.

She has expressed a keen interest in working in Canada where the salary is higher and her prospects are brighter. Much as I would like Flora to stay a bit longer, I am quite prepared to let her go.

To prospective employers, my only comment is, "My loss is your gain". Flora will be an asset to any employer who is looking for a full-charge nanny who is not a job hopper.

I recommend her highly.

Signed by: Flora Soriano