Prospective Employer,

My name is Gladys Amor Tolosa, I'm 27 years of age and I came from Iloilo City, Philippines. I am 4th out of 5 children. I am a college graduate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, in the course I learned how to cook, bake cakes as well cookies and marketing in a way how to differentiate the fresh and frozen foods. And I have done my practicum in Sarabia Manor Hotel for one semester and I really learned a lot during my practicum. After I graduated from college I never find a job right away, I've been jobless for quite a long time, and then I decided to apply in Singapore because I don't want to be a burden to my parents.

In Singapore I work for Mrs Emily Kang for three years. And she have two children 9 and 12 years old. My lady employer is working so I have to take good care of the children, I wash and iron their school uniform. And I make sure they eat their breakfast before they go to school.

I like children very much. I can take care of 4 or more, and I can do household chores as well. That's why my present employer is very pleased with my work.

Dear Ma'am, if you will employ, I will do my very best to satisfy you, also the way I my work with my employer right now.

And Ma'am I am not the kind to change employers, I will assure you that I will work with you as long as you still want me.

Gladys Tolosa