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         Tolosa Gladys Miss Gladys Tolosa is from the central Philippine province of Iloilo, a day's journey from the capital of Manila. She is 3rd of 5 children in the family. Her father, now retired, used to work in the local sugar mill as a manager and spent 4 years in the Middle-east as a camp manager.

Gladys graduated from a 2-year course in Hotel and Restaurant Management, in 1993. But in spite of her qualifications, she was largely unemployed (except for a 6-month stint as a sales clerk in Manila).

That's why she decided to work as a maid in Singapore. She has done a good job during her three years with her present employer. Her employer one Mdm Chay writes of her: Gladys is a diligent and steady worker. She is willing to learn and has shown keen intererest in cooking. She has proven to be responsible and reliable."

Gladys is soft spoken and gentle. She has done 4 years of college studies. At present she is taking care of 2 children both boys 9 and 12. (They were 6 and 9 when she began working for the family.)

Gladys has served her employer well and so when she completed her second two-year contract, they offered her another two years. It is no wonder, for Gladys is pleasant and unassuming, soft-spoken and polite. She will be a hit with young children.

Personal Particulars
Name Gladys Tolosa Reference Tol/0723
Marital Status Single Ages of Children Nil
Date of Birth 17/07/1972 Religion R. C.
Place of Birth Iloilo Nationality Phil
Height 5 3 in Weight in lbs 117
Higest Education Assoc. in HRM Spoken English Good
Ages of Brothers 40 Ages of Sisters 30 29 18

Employment History
  Current Employer
Employer Kang Kok Kwan
Location Singapore
Position Nanny/Housekeeper
Ages * 10 13
Period Jun 97 to date
* ages of children or elderly person cared for at the end of the employment or at the time nanny's profile was created.

Personal Preferences
Do you smoke? No Drink alcoholic beverages? No
Do you like animals? Yes Are you willing to learn driving? Yes
Can you swim? Fairly well When can you travel? Apr 01
Hobbies and Interest Cooking Gardening Baking Badminton
Would you like to work in the city or country? Anywhere including small or remote towns

Domestic Skills
E for experienced, W for willing to learn or U for unable to perform
Care of babies up to one year old E Care of children one to five years E
Care of children 5 to twelve years E Care of teenagers W
Care of an elderly person W Care of an invalid person W
Laundry E Cleaning and tidying E
Basic cooking E Cooking for dinner parties W
Baking E Special diet preparation W
Mend, darn or sew E Gardening E
Grocery shopping E

Domestic Appliances
E for experienced in use of W for willing to learn to use/operate
Vacuum cleaner E Gas/electric range E
Microwave oven E Refrigerator E
Washing machine E Electric clothes dryer W
Dishwasher E Blender/mixer E

Declaration by Nanny/Housekeeper
I hereby declare that the information I have givenabove is accurate and that the documents submittedare authentic in every respect.

Signed by Gladys Tolosa
Original application on file in S'pore.
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Update: 26 August, 2001