Date: 7 June 2000

Testimonial for Gladys Tolosa

Gladys has been working as a domestic helper in my household since June 1997. Durng these 3 years, I have found her to be a diligent and conscientious girl. She has a keen interest to learn and will not hesitate to take up new role and challenges. She has also proven to be responsible, reliable and honest.

The tasks she has performed include cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing, washing car and looking after children, packing and maintaining the household in a tidy, clean environment. She has demonstrated her abilities in handling all these roles. In her spare time, she has taken a computer course to upgrade herself.

Besides her abilities and character, I also found Gladys is neat and tidy all the time. She has a pleasant personality and has no problem in getting along with my family members.

With all these qualities which Gladys has, I believe she will be able to undertake a new role in any environment. I sincerely wish her all the best in her new endeavour.

Signed by: Kang Kok Kwan, Employer