7 August 1998

MaryAnn Durian Valdez worked for Mdm Rosalind Leow from 16 April 1996 to August 1998 as a foreign domestic worker. Maryann always undertake to perform diligently and faithfully, all duties of domestic nature. She is very honest and takes good care of the children.

I would hire MaryAnn Durian Valdez again without hesitation. *

Sgd: Rosalind Leow

* Note: This testimonial was issued to Maryann in 1998 when she applied to another agency to work in Canada. Her employer probably assumed that Maryann would be successful and would resign shortly.

This explains her last sentence about hiring Maryann again.

Unfortunately she has not seen the need to update the testimonial to indicate that Maryann worked for her for 4 years.

Karl Tan