I am Maryann Durian Valdez, 29 years old and a native of Nueva Vizcaya, Luzon, Philippines. I belong to a big close-knit family and I am the 7th of ten children. I have five (5) sisters and four (4) brothers.

I like listening to music, gardening, cross-stitching and I enjoy doing art and coloring with children, doing craft and puzzles, playing scrabble and volleyball, story reading and going out a walks or jogging. I love children. I am also like dogs and cats.

I graduate Bachelor in Animal Science from Nueva Vizcaya Institute of Technology, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines last April 04, 1994.

On April 1995 to September 1995 I worked for Marisa Sahagun to take care of her elderly father aged 80 years old. I bathed, groomed and dressed him up. I also cooked and did general household chores. I only left them because the old man passed away due to old age and the bereaved family decided to migrate.

And on October 1995 to January 1996, I worked in a Provincial Veterinary Clinic assiting veterinarians in visiting farms as a team inoculating animals and giving some advice or informations to farm owners. But my meagre salary was not enough to support me and my family so I decided to come and work here in Singapore.

From April 1996 to June 2000 I was employed here in Singapore to Mdm Leow Siew Fung Rosalind as a Foreign Domestic Helper. I spent most of my time taking care of her two sones then 7 and 2 years old until they turned 11 and 6 years old respectively.

My daily duties were childcare, tutoring, cooking, washing and ironing clothes and general household chores. I left them because I need a better pay and also experience working for another family.

I am presently employed to Mdm Foo C J and her family (her husband, two children and mother-in-law). I am working with them for 14 months now. I spend most of my time looking after their 13-month old son and five years old daughter. Part of my duties are: childcare (bathing, feeding, grooming, putting them to sleep, ready story book, tutoring), cooking, washing and ironing clothes, helping the elderly mother-in-law and general household chores.

Although my employer is very kind and good to me and very happy with my work I have decided to work for Canada. I know that in Canada there is a better opportunity for me to improve my life and could help my family financially.

I will be very grateful through all my life if you will me give a chance. And I will do my best to win your confidence through hard work and clean habits. My employer will be very happy to testify to my ability and character.

Respectfully yours,

Sgd: Maryann Durian Valdez

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