Hiring a Nanny or Caregiver from Singapore
Step-by-Step Guide
1) Find out what the requirements HRDC are to see if you are qualified under their rules. If you need to contact HRDC click here for useful phone numbers, links to the nearest Human Resource Centre and more detail on their requirements.

If you satisfy HRDC's requirements, then the next step would be to look for a nanny or caregiver (for an elderly person).

If you are already familiar with HRDC's requirements and are ready to hire, click here to see a gallery of applicants. Click on the small picture to see the resume of the nanny or caregiver. Some (but not a while lot) have experience and/or training in caring for an elderly person as well as caring for children.

2) When you have decided on the nanny or caregiver, send us your family profile-cum-job specs. Click here if you want to hire a nanny.

Please not however, that it will take more time to find a suitable caregiver/companion to an elderly person who may need more than attention with the necessary training or certified experience.

An intending caregiver (of an elderly and possibly frail person) should be trained or have certified experience caring for an older person. It will take time.

4) When you have printed the 2-page form, please furnish the information requested: duties of nanny and family profile. This done, fax the form to us. We will return it to you with the necessary information you will need when you apply to HRDC for approval to hire from Singapore.
Our fax number is (65) 732-9113
5) When you receive the required information about the nanny, the next step is to apply to HRDC for approval to hire from Singapore.

Your offer will then be "validated" by HRDC. It may take two weeks or longer depending on the office handling your application.

6) The rest is pretty much automatic. Send us a copy of the letter from HRDC advising you that your application to hire from Singapore is approved. This is for the nanny to follow up with the Canadian High Commission in Singapore.
7) Meanwhile, HRDC will advise Canadian High Commission in Singapore which will in turn invite the nanny of your choice to file an application for a visa and employment authorisation.
8) You have nothing else to do except wait for news from us, like:
  • When the nanny was interviewed by CHC
  • When the nanny went for medical
  • Flight information

Updated: September 15, 2000