Family Profile and Offer of Employment

Position: Live-In Nanny
Employer   Nanny  
Duration 2 years, renewable Duration 2 years with option to renew
Employer Address  
Email   Res Tel (      )
Profession His: Hers:
Bus Tel His: Hers:
Ages of sons: daughters:
Salary C$ _____ p.m. less C$____ for food/lodging Vacation 2 wks with pay or payment of 4% annual salary
Type of house Please check the relevant boxes.
Single-storey bungalow Two-storey bungalow
Town house Ranch
Other (Please describe)
Is there a garden in your residence?   Yes      No   Yes      No    Is there a swimming pool in your residence?
Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms
Please briefly describe nanny's accomodation:
Duties of Nanny Please check the relevant boxes.
Care of children Prepare breakfast for children
Prepare lunch for children Prepare lunch for family
Prepare dinner for family Wash and iron clothes
Clean and tidy Gardening
Escort children to/from school Bring children to/meet children from school bus
Babysitting at night Sleeping with baby at night
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Sponsor's Comments, if any
Sponsor's Undertaking

As it will take 5-6 months for your visa to be issued, it is not worth my while to sponsor you unless you will agree to work for me for at least two years. If you promise to work for me for two years, then I shall not withdraw my sponsor in case of any delay.

Signature of Employer:

Nanny's Pledge to Sponsor:

I am very grateful to my sponsor for agreeing to wait for 5 to 6 months for me.

I understand that no one will wait for me for so long if I am going to work for only one year.

In return for your sponsoring me, I promise to work for you for at least two years, even though my work permit is initially good for only one year.

In addition, I promise to work diligently for you, as I am doing for my employer now.

Signature of Nanny:

Nanny's Particulars
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Mailing address  
Passport Number   Expiry Date