Jocelyn Balisi Roncal
6 Springwood Close
Singapore 118081
File Number: W010700024[w]
By AR Registered            
4th September, 2001

The Officer-in-Charge,Visa Section
The Canadian High Commission
80 Anson Road, #14-00 IBM Towers
Singapore 079907

Dear Sir,

Subject: Authorisation

I, Jocelyn Balisi Roncal, do hereby authorise you to release any information pertaining to my application for a visa and employment authorisation to my prospect employer

Ms Barbara Mense
of 2053 Innisfil Height Crescent,
Innisfil, Ontario
Canada L9S 4A8.

I further authorise you to accept for consideration any document submitted by my prospective employer above-mentioned directly or by someone else acting on her behalf or with her authorisation that has a bearing on my application for a visa and employment authorisation.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Respectfully yours


I, Tan Kah Siong, know the writer of this letter personally and witnessed her sign this letter.

Sigature of Witness
Name of Witness: Tan Kah Siong
Passport or Identity Card No.: S1089669Z

cc: Ms Barbara Mense, Canada