Asian Nanny
a nanny-plus
Asian nannies are not just nannies. They are much better than au pairs. Au pairs work part-time, doing minimal housekeeping chores, while nannies work full-time.

Nannies in Singapore are usually too experienced to be au pairs. Besides being caregivers: taking care of babies, infants and older children they sometimes are caregivers for the the elderly, they are housekeepers freeing the mother for economically more productive activities or a more interesting social life. Busy mothers can just leave the housekeeping to the Asian nanny. Au pairs are not the answer for the busy mother.

Anyway, with an Asian nanny at home, who needs au pairs!

  • Asian nannies are also cooks and cook for the whole family. They have learnt to cook Chinese and western food while in Singapore. Soon they will learn to cook Canadian favourites too.
  • Asian nannies are housekeepers too, they keep the home neat and tidy. As housekeepers they do the laundry, too. If the chores of housekeeping keeps you in the house, an Asian nanny is what you need.
  • Asian nannies take care of babies, infants and older children while mommy attends to her business or career.
  • Asian nannies double up as babysitters at night, while the employer attends to more urgent matters.
The nannies you see on this site all have at least 12 years education, they all have some college education but a significant number are college graduates. They are eligible to be nannies under Canada Live-In Caregivers Programme.

They are all working as maids, a woefully inadequate term, for all maids in Singapore wear many hats: they are maids, cooks, housekeepers, laundry women, babysitters, caregivers and sometimes private nurses,too.

With an Asian nanny at home, who needs babysitters! No wonder employers in Singapore (host to more than 100,000 nannies from Southeast and South Asia) cannot do without them and employers in Canada simply love them. Employers in America would love them, too, if only America Immigration Department would issue a visa for an Asian nanny to work in America, for an Asian nanny is indeed a nanny-plus!

Updated: Jul 1, 2000

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