To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss Lilia C Coloma, a citizen of the Philippines, has been in my employ since September 1994. We have have found her to be hardworking, honest and reliable. Although her initial contract was for two years, we were happy to renew her contract after it expired in 1996 and then again in 1998.

Although we would be happy to employ her as long as she is happy to work for us, she has indicated a keen interest in working elsewhere. I am pleased to to recommend her to prospective employers. Though I will lose a good nanny-housekeeper, I am nevertheless happy that her prospects in life will be enhanced.

Lilia speaks English very well and communication has never been a problem. She is quite capable, taking care of my two children now 8 and 11. She sees to it that they are properly fed and clothed before they go to school. She is fond of children and obviously enjoys taking care of my children and they respond to her very well.

Besides taking of my children, Lilia also does the housework - cleaning, cooking, laundry and ironing. She enjoys cooking and has learnt quite a bit since she began working for me. At that time I had to teach her how to cook Chinese food. She learnt fast.

Lilia is co-operative and helpful, patient, neat and thorough. She will be an asset to any family. Her contract with me will expire in September 2000, I am prepared to release her if she is offered employment in Canada or Europe.

Signed by: Lilia Coloma