Asian nanny Nieves Facun is more than a nanny

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Summary and Interviewer's Comments

            Facun Nieves Ms Nieves Facun, a Midwifery graduate (Mar 73) and has also completed 2 years of a nursing course. She began working a year after graduation and has been working more or less continuously since then.

Ms Nieves Facun has a total of 24 years experience as a caregiver: 18 years in the Philippines and 6 years in Singapore.

In the Philippines she worked for Dra. Lims Clinic (1974-1979); Macabebe District Hospital (1979 - 1984) and Quezon City Medical Center, now known as Quezon City General Hospital (1984 - 1982). She has worked in most wards like pediatrics, nursery, etc.

After Quezon City Medical Center, she came to work for on Au Yong Sia where for 4 years (Dec 93 - Nov 96) she took care of an old man who had been hospitalised for a month. The old man required a lot of personal attention and Nieves cared for him four years until he died of colon cancer.

In Singapore Nieves's experience includes care of 6 different old persons with ages ranging from 78 - 88 years. Two of the old persons died while 4 of them survived and recovered. In 5 cases she also performed the household chores.

Nieves is quite capable of caring for an sick person. She has worked in a hospital, clinic or medical center for 18 years and as a caregiver in a private residence for a total of six years.

Her training as a midwife included practicum at Binondo Maternity Hospital, attached to the Midwifery school she graduated from. She has also completed 2 years of a nursing course.

Nieves would like to work in Israel as a caregiver.

Personal Particulars
Name Nieves Facun
Reference 4878/778
Marital Status Single
Ages of Children Nil
Date of Birth 02/04/53
Religion Christian
Place of Birth Tarlac
Nationality Nationality
Height 5 2in
Weight in lbs 118
Higest Education Midwifery '73
Spoken English Fairly good
Ages of Brothers 59 57 53 37
Ages of Sisters 57 55 49 41

Employment History
  Current Employer Previous Employer Earlier Employer
Employer Chan Betty Seah Ah Yong Quezon City General Hospital
Location Singapore Singapore Quezon City, Phil
Position Nanny/Hskpr Caregiver Staff Midwife
Ages * 78 84 All ages
Period Feb 99 to date Dec 92 to Nov 96 Feb 84 to Dec 92
* ages of children or elderly persons cared for

Personal Preferences
Do you smoke? No
Drink alcoholic beverages? No
Do you like animals? Yes
Are you willing to learn driving? Yes
Can you swim? Not at all
When can you travel? Anytime
Hobbies and Interest Tennis Volleyball
Would you like to work in the city or country? Anywhere including small or remote towns

Domestic Skills
Check the relevant box with E (experienced) W (willing to learn) or U (unable to perform)
Care of babies up to one year old E
Care of children one to five years E
Care of teenagers E
Care of children 5 to twelve years E
Care of an elderly person E
Care of an invalid person E
Laundry E
Cleaning and tidying E
Basic cooking E
Cooking for dinner parties W
Baking W
Special diet preparation E
Mend, darn or sew E
Gardening E
Grocery shopping E
Household Appliances
Vacuum cleaner E Gas/electric range E
Microwave oven E Refrigerator E
Washing machine E Electric clothes dryer W
Dishwasher W Blender/mixer E

Declaration by Caregiver
I hereby declare that the information I have given above is accurate and that the documents submittedare authentic in every respect.

Signed by Nieves Facun
Original application on file in S'pore
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