.... Ms Nelly Magana has been working for me since October 1993. I have found her to be honest and relaible. She is quite thorough in her work and is neat.

She has been taking care of my only child a boy since he was six years old. Nelly is a very affectionate nanny and is very fond of children, especially my son. I am a working mothe and so I am pleased to say that I can depend on Nelly when I am at work.

Besides taking care of my son Gabriel, Nelly also does the housekeeping chores like cooking, cleaning and laundry. She is totally reliable and honest.

Nelly would like to work in Canada and I can understand why. My son and I will be sorry to see her go, but I have no right to stop here. Since she has worked hard for me and taken good care of my son, I am willing to give her this testimonial.

I am sure that she will be an asset to her next employer and I recommend her highly.

Signed by: Nelly Magana