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Summary and Interviewer's Comments

            Magana Nelly Nelly Magana is from Camarines Norte in southern Luzon, 8 hours from Manila by road. Her parents are farmers. She is the only girl among four children, and the second in the family.

Nelly is pleasant and neat in appearance, alert and outgoing. She graduated from a 2-year midwifery course in 1991. In her first year in college she also worked as a factory worker.

As a midwifery student Nelly was attached to a hospital for two out of the 4 semesters. In the hospital she experienced helping a mother deliver a baby, bathe a baby and perform many duties that are sometimes performed by a nurse - such as taking temperature, giving medication, giving injections.

At present Nelly is working for one Doreen Low. She has been with the family since October 1994. The child (boy) in her care was in kindergarten when Nelly first came to work for the family. Initially she escorted the child to and from kindergarten. She also organised activities for him - colouring, drawing, etc.

Other duties she performs include cooking, cleaning, laundry and ironing. In addition, she also does the grocery shopping and takes care of potted plants.

Nelly is helpful and is fond of children. She occasionally babysits for her neighbour. (See neighbour's comment)

Nelly is available any time, which in practical terms means she is available to start work 4 months from the time an Employer in Canada obtains approval from Canada Employment Center to hire from Singapore.

Personal Particulars
Name Nelly Magana
Reference 580 /774
Marital Status Single
Ages of Children 3
Date of Birth 08/10/69
Religion Christian
Place of Birth Camarines Norte
Nationality Nationality
Height 4 9in
Weight in lbs 106
Higest Education Midwifery ,91
Spoken English Fairly good
Ages of Brothers 31 21 19
Ages of Sisters Nil

Employment History
  Current Employer Previous Employer Earlier Employer
Employer Low Doreen Horteleza Yupangco Cotton Mills
Location Singapore Farmer's Plaza, Cubao, Quezon City, Phil Mahabang Parang, Angono, Rizal, Phil
Position Nanny/Hskpr Sales Clerk Machine Operator
Ages * 11 N.A. N.A.
Period Oct 93 to date Oct 92 to Aug 93 Xxx 87 to Xxx 90
* ages of children or elderly persons cared for

Personal Preferences
Do you smoke? No
Drink alcoholic beverages? No
Do you like animals? Yes
Are you willing to learn driving? Yes
Can you swim? Not at all
When can you travel? Anytime
Hobbies and Interest Badminton, Cycling, Scrabble, Reading
Would you like to work in the city or country? Anywhere including small or remote towns

Domestic Skills
Check the relevant box with E (experienced) W (willing to learn) or U (unable to perform)
Care of babies up to one year old E
Care of children one to five years E
Care of teenagers W
Care of children 5 to twelve years E
Care of an elderly person W
Care of an invalid person W
Laundry E
Cleaning and tidying E
Basic cooking E
Cooking for dinner parties W
Baking W
Special diet preparation W
Mend, darn or sew E
Gardening E
Grocery shopping E
Household Appliances
Vacuum cleaner E Gas/electric range E
Microwave oven E Refrigerator E
Washing machine E Electric clothes dryer W
Dishwasher W Blender/mixer E

Declaration by Caregiver
I hereby declare that the information I have given above is accurate and that the documents submittedare authentic in every respect.

Signed by Nelly Magana
Original application on file in S'pore
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