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         Pasuquin Cristina Ms Cristina Pasuquin is 29 yrs. of age and single. After her secondary education she went to college and completed two years out of a 4-year course in Business, but had to give up because of financil difficulties on the part of her father who is a farmer in the province of Nueva Ecija, about 4 hours from the capital Manila. Cristina has a total of some 6 years experience as a domestic worker - 4-1/2 years in the United Arab Emirates and now 1-1/2 with her current employer in Singapore.

In the U.A.E. the four children she care for were 7, 6, 5 and 2 when she left to go home for good. In Singapore she is taking care of two children now 5 and 6. In U.A.E. the youngest child was born after she had worked there for two years and the youngest but one was 4 months old.

In both U.A.E. and Singapore, besides care of the children, her other duties include(d) cooking, general cleaning, laundry and ironing. In Singapore her employer is a working mother and so Cristina stands in for the mother during the day time.

Although childcare is Cristina's forte, she is also a good cook. She can cook Arabic and Chinese food but also some western food. Her nominal employer's husband likes western food and Cristina is able to prepare some of his favourites: beef stew, chicken pie, mashed potato, salad

Cristina speaks and understands English well. She is pleasant and polite, neat and tidy in dress and appearance. She would like to work in North America when her contract expires in April 2000. Her employer has agreed to release her a month earlier in March 2000 if necessary.

In response to our request to Cristina's employer for an assessment, the latter, Mrs Rodriguez gives her a perfect score for 10 character traits including: diligence, initiative, honesty, reliability and fondness for children. She also adds: Cristina is a wonderful maid who is ever willing to learn, has a positive working attitude."

Personal Particulars
Name Cristina Pasuquin Reference Pas/-165
Marital Status Single Ages of Children Nil
Date of Birth 07/01/1971 Religion R. C.
Place of Birth Nueva Ecija, Phil Nationality Phil
Height 5 2 in Weight in lbs 100
Higest Education 2 yr (out 4 of BSBA) Spoken English Good
Ages of Brothers 31 17 Ages of Sisters 36 34 27 25

Employment History
  Current Employer Previous Employer
Employer Rodriguez Belinda Lim Hamad Nayel Al-Nuami
Location Singapore United Arab Emirates
Position Nanny/Housekeeper Nanny/Housekeeper
Ages * 5 6 7 4 2 1
Period May 99 to date Nov 91 to Jun 96
* ages of children or elderly person cared for at the end of the employment or at the time nanny's profile was created.

Personal Preferences
Do you smoke? No Drink alcoholic beverages? No
Do you like animals? Yes Are you willing to learn driving? Yes
Can you swim? Not at all When can you travel? A.S.A.P.
Hobbies and Interest Swimming Gardening Scrabble Sewing
Would you like to work in the city or country? Anywhere including small or remote towns

Domestic Skills
E for experienced, W for willing to learn or U for unable to perform
Care of babies up to one year old E Care of children one to five years E
Care of children 5 to twelve years E Care of teenagers W
Care of an elderly person U Care of an invalid person U
Laundry E Cleaning and tidying E
Basic cooking E Cooking for dinner parties E
Baking E Special diet preparation E
Mend, darn or sew E Gardening E
Grocery shopping E

Domestic Appliances
E for experienced in use of W for willing to learn to use/operate
Vacuum cleaner E Gas/electric range E
Microwave oven E Refrigerator E
Washing machine E Electric clothes dryer W
Dishwasher E Blender/mixer E

Declaration by Nanny/Housekeeper
I hereby declare that the information I have givenabove is accurate and that the documents submittedare authentic in every respect.

Signed by Cristina Pasuquin
Original application on file in S'pore.
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Update: 15 July, 2001